Crash Beam Barriers

The potential for an unauthorized vehicle to enter a secure location presents a real and everyday threat.

Crash beam barrier is ideal for access-control scenarios with low to medium vehicle-traffic.

Installation of such barriers generally do not require the digging of the driveway.

The Crash beam barriers are generally capable of spanning greater distances (up to 24 feet) with a single barrier.

These can be used as a final denial barrier as it will cover multiple lanes with a single barrier.

Cityscape Gate

Shallow-mount Cityscape Gate is a product we have developed using our shallow mount fixed bollard technology that enables us to provide a high security manually operated gate which can be installed at a fraction of the depth required by traditional gates.

This Gate requires an excavation of just 400mm and is engineered to meet upto K8 performance critieria (15,000lbs vehicle at 40mph) and has successfully been crash tested to PAS68 standards (7.5T at 64kph with less than 1m penetration).

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Patriot Beam Barrier

The SP Patriot rising beam has a full guard height of 36".

Installed in-ground, the unit requires a maximum excavation of 48" on the outside areas of the roadway, avoiding excavation where most underground utilities and obstructions reside.

The Patriot beam allows paved stones on the roadway directly adjacent to the barrier and is flush to the roadway when open.

The unit may be installed in close proximity to a non-related ornamental slide gate.

The Patriot is K12 certified by the U.S. Department of State. High visibility black paint is standard. Custom specified paint colors are available.

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Vehicle Barrier Bar (VBB)

The ATG Access vehicle barrier bar, provides a unique solution to prevent a vehicle borne attack from penetrating a secure perimeter.

The VBB utilises a hydraulically activated, reinforced horizontal bar that is stored below the road surface to permit vehicles to pass over it.

To secure the required perimeter, the reinforced bar is raised from the opening to the deployed position.

The standard rate of deployment is between 3-5 seconds, or less than 2 seconds with the addition of the optional Emergency Fast Operation control.

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HySecurity M30 StrongArm Barrier

STRONGARM M30 reliably defends high security sites world-wide.

This high duty cycle, crash certified ASTM F2656-07 M30, P1 barrier arm provides incomparable security and safety using proven controls and hydraulics perfected over decades in the most challenging conditions.

Unique dual arm design prevents a large truck and a small passenger vehicle from breaching the security perimeter.

Bright LED arm lighting and highly reflective tape on the upper arm, plus a standard traffic light, boost visibility and inhibit accidental impact.

The lower arm, at bumper height, reduces possible injury or death from an accidental passenger-car gate-strike.

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HySecurity M50 StrongArm Barrier

STRONGARM M50 offers all the benefits of M30 Strong Arm barrier.

It is similar in operation and aesthetics but crash certified ASTM F2656-07 M50, P2.

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