Innovative Shallow Foundation Retractable Bollards

In the age of increased security concerns and just plain lack of space in city centers, it has become increasingly important to control access to buildings and their surroundings.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and swipe-card entry may protect a building's interior but for many, including the many thousands chasing a few parking spaces in our busy cities, controlling access to a building's surrounding grounds can be equally important.

Retractable Bollards offer a traditionally accepted solution to control access to a building/Infrastructure while maintaining high aesthetics as well as pedestrian permeability.

Since these bollards are retracted into the ground, they usually need a deep foundation ranging from 1.2m to 2.2m subject to its height and impact rating.

It becomes increasingly challenging to install such products where foundation depth is limited by underground services or installation is on a suspended slab.

As such there is an increasing demand for "innovative" ways to retract the bollards for controlling access to the building.

We together with our principals have developed such innovative ways of retracting the bollards which has revolutionized the market and taken the HVM industry to an entirely different level.

Matador 3 & 4

Matador uses a unique and innovative sliding mechanism which allows the Bollards to slide laterally instead of Retracting into the ground.

As such, the foundation depth is limited to 110mm only. Alternatively, the system can be bolted to an existing concrete slab making it the only surface mount active bollard system tested.

Matador 3 and Matador 4 are available in this range. Matador 3 involves a single sliding bollard between 2 fixed bollards, while Matador 4 involves 2 sliding bollards between 2 fixed bollards.

Matador is tested to IWA standard 7.2T track at 64km/hr with zero penetration

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Raptor Bollard

Because of its unique shape and patented sliding mechanism, it allows this bollard to retract laterally into the ground instead of vertically, thereby reducing the foundation depth requirement to 600mm only.

A single Raptor bollard has successfully arrested a vehicle under both PAS68 as well as ASTM standard at 80km/hr with M50P1 Rating.

Amazingly it continued to operate after the impact test with no significant damage.

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"SPTT" Shallow Retractable Bollard is the world's first successfully crash tested product which we have developed that enables us to provide high security retractable bollards which can be installed at a half the depth required by traditional retractable bollards.

SPTT shallow mount retractable bollard requires an excavation depth of 900mm only thanks to its double telescopic action.

Furthermore it has been successfully crash tested to the PAS68 standards (7.5T at 64kph with less than 1M penetration).

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