Rising Bollards

Lai Yew Seng Pte Ltd has the privilege to be the Exclusive Distributor, Local Manufacturer and Stockiest of Security Bollards and Barriers from ATG Access Ltd (UK) in Singapore.

In the age of increased security concerns and just plain lack of space in city centers, it has become increasingly important to control access to buildings and their surroundings. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and swipe-card entry may protect a building's interior but for many, including the many thousands chasing a few parking spaces in our busy cities, controlling access to a building's surrounding grounds can be equally important.

That's why over the last 27 years, ATG Access has re-invented the traditional bollard to create flexible, controllable but, most importantly strong, access systems. We always work with our clients to ensure our products fit in with their surroundings. We provide Bollards and Barriers systems to suit any client-from individual householders to universities, local authorities and whole Government Departments.

ATG Access continues to develop and install its existing product range for increasing number of Buildings and facilities like Airports, Embassies, Government installations, Hotels, schools, colleges and universities looking to control access to their premises during both working hours and in the evenings. It is also developing new systems to meet specific challenges offered by terrorism in the modern world.

Rising bollards provide Pedestrian friendly solutions that still offers perimeter security at the various levels. ATG Access Inc's range of rising bollards can be categorized into two main areas:-

1. Impact Tested Bollards- for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
2. General Access Control Bollards

Impact Tested Bollards- for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

The ATG Access SP range of security bollards are built to the highest quality standards and conform to the toughest testing procedures in the World.

SP rising bollards are hydraulically operated and are also available as removable, manually lift assisted, fixed or shallow mount and are constructed to withstand various levels of attack.

ATG SP Range of Retractable Bollards
Product Bollard
Type Max.
Security performance rating
SP1200 305/1200 323/1200 2038 Automatic 1500 PAS68: V/30,000(N3)80:3.30/25
SP1000 305/1000 323/1000 350 Automatic 1400 PAS68: V/7,500(N2)80/90:0/10
ASTM: M50 P1
SP Titan 273/1000 278/1000 1685 Automatic/
1473/915 PAS68: V/7500/80/90:4.0/33.5
DOS: K12
Stealth 230/1000 236/1000 1700 Automatic 1430 IWA 14 V/7200(N2A)/80/90:2.4
SPTT 209 &
NA 900 Automatic/
1500 PAS68: V/7500(N2)/64/90:0.5/6.1
SP400 209/1000 219/1000 1526 Automatic/
1344 PAS68: V/7500(N2)64/90:2.3/2.7 &
PAS68: V/7500(N2)48/90:0.0/0.0
SP Defender 273/760 278/760 1235 Automatic/
915 DOS K4 Certified
VP HD 168/700 200/700 1000 Automatic 1368 PAS68: V/1500(M1)/32/90:0.0/0.0
SP100 127/940 127/940 1415 Manual 1325 PAS68: V/3500(N1)/48/90:2.8/0.0

SP1200 Rising Bollard (K54 & PAS68)

ATG Access SP1200 is the world's first K54 & PAS 68 tested rising bollard to meet worldwide accreditation.

Stopping a 30-Tonne (60,000lbs) vehicle at 50mph, the SP1200 carries all the same engineering qualities developed for the market leading K12 tested SP1000 taking rising bollards to a new level.

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SP1000 Rising Bollard (PAS68: 7.5T @80mph)

The SP1000 vehicle bollards consist of 305mm diameter retractable tubular columns with full guard height of 1M.

When retracted, the units are flush with the finished roadway.

The SP1000 automatic bollard was the first of our bollards to be impact tested as part of the PAS 68 testing programme.

The bollard was first hit at 30mph by a fully laden 7.5tonne truck, then at 50mph with a fully laden 7.5 tonne truck and, on each occasion, performed a complete deadstop of the vehicle.

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SP Titan Rising Bollard (DOS K12)

ATG Access electro-hydraulic bollards combine an open, aesthetic appearance with the highest level of perimeter control.

The SP Titan K12 crash test certified bollards provide free movement of pedestrians and are available in a variety of operating sets and arrays.

Utilizing the highest cycle duties available, the SP Titan bollards are an economical and effective way of protecting your access points.

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SP Stealth Bollard

The Stealth high security automatic bollard has been tested to the newly introduced, international IWA 14 test standard with a 7,200kg truck travelling at 80 kph (50 mph).

Designed to be installed as a completely new product or to be retrofitted into many existing foundation systems, there are many out of date legacy products installed which are increasingly difficult to maintain.

ATG Access has designed the perfect solution to this problem.

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"SPTT" Shallow Retractable Bollard is the world's first successfully crash tested product which we have developed that enables us to provide high security retractable bollards which can be installed at a half the depth required by traditional retractable bollards.

SPTT shallow mount retractable bollard requires an excavation depth of 900mm only thanks to its double telescopic action.

Furthermore it has been successfully crash tested to the PAS68 standards (7.5T at 64kph with less than 1M penetration).

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SP400 Rising Bollard (PAS68: 7.5T @40mph)

SP400 electro-hydraulic bollards combine an open, aesthetic appearance with the highest level of perimeter control.

The SP400 K8 rated and PAS 68 crash test certified bollards provide free movement of pedestrians and are available in a variety of operating sets and arrays.

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SP Defender Rising Bollard (DOS K4)

The SP Defender vehicle bollards consist of a 10 ¾" diameter retractable round tubular columns with a full guard height of 30".

Maximum spacing between the bollards must equal 36" center to center.

Available with manual, automatic or fixed operation, the bollards offer low operating and maintenance costs and are ideal for securing entrances where installing larger systems could become price prohibitive.

The SP Defender is K4 certified by the U.S. Department of State (DOS) and Standard DOS crash rating bollard spacing is not to exceed 36 inches.

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VP HD (Heavy Duty)

The ATG Access VP Heavy Duty bollard has been successfully impact tested in accordance with PAS 68 certification to arrest a 1,500kg vehicle at 32km/h.

Building on the success of the VP traffic range of bollard systems, this product has been designed to be identical to these original products apart from an increased wall thickness.

This enables the VP Heavy Duty product to be retrofitted into any existing VP traffic system across the world and provide an area with anti-terrorist protection.

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SP100 (Manual Bollard)

The most affordable high security bollard meeting the BSI PAS 68 rating. This bollard is manually operable avoiding any requirement for power, ducting or rebar.

This product is ideally suited to sites where there are few traffic movements but there is still a requirement for high-security protection.

Having successfully arrested a 3,500kg vehicle travelling at 48km/h (30mph), the SP100 is well placed to meet most perimeter security requirements.

The bollard utilizes internal pneumatic assistance to make this robust product easy to operate by any user and no power is required for its operation

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General Access Control Bollards

VP Range of Rising Bollards

The ATG Access range of VP Hydraulic Rising Bollards provides some of the most effective solutions for managing traffic and policing access control in the world today.

Offering different levels of specification and performance, this market leading range combines robust construction with ease of use to provide a reliable and versatile answer to virtually any access requirement.

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