Wedge Barriers

Wedge barriers are an excellent way to protect an assent against a hostile truck attack where foundation depth is limited.

Wedge barriers are also recommended if the need is to stop the motor bikes and restrict the pedestrians.

In collaboration with our principal partners, we provide a complete range of impact tested wedge barriers.

Wedge Barriers offer a formidable barrier that gives maximum security while allowing lane control over a span of multiple lane roads.

Our Wedge barriers are affective, functional and fortified.

Sentinel Wedge Barrier

The Sentinel wedge Barrier features a full security guard height of 38" and is available in various widths.

For in-ground installation, the unit requires an excavation of only 18", allowing 12" for barrier height and 6" for the foundation pad.

When installed, the unit is totally flushed with the roadway surface, requiring no side pillars or above grade assemblies. The hydraulic operating cylinder is concealed behind a tamper-resistant panel.

The Sentinel is impact tested to SD-STD-02.01-Rev A, March 2013 Standard and K12 certified by the U.S. Department of State. The actual Penetration distance was zero.

Sentinel comes in black paint as standard. Custom specified paint colors and patterns are available.

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Magnum Wedge Barrier

The rising wedge feature automatic raising and lowering, and install flush to the finished roadway when retracted.

The SP Magnum vehicle barrier utilizes a pit-mounted, rotating, wedge-style system.

It consists of welded steel members rotated around a heavy steel shaft.

Available in a variety of widths, the unit has a barrier guard height of 32".

The Magnum is K12 certified by the U.S. Department of State. Black paint is standard. Custom specified paint colors are available.

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Guardian Wedge Barrier

The Guardian Shallow Mounted Wedge Blocker is a market leading, innovative road blocker successfully impact tested to the new IWA 14 standard arresting a 7,200 kg truck (7.2 ton) at 80 kph (50 mph) achieving less than 1m of penetration.

The unique counter balance mechanism within the barrier design reduces the power consumption allowing smaller cabinet sizes.

The use of energy absorbing high tech polymer in the Barrier makes the barrier it very unique of its kind, giving far greater longevity even when being driven over by heavy vehicles on a regular basis.

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Viper Wedge Barrier

The HEALD Make Viper is the only wedge blocker in the world which has been impact tested to both PAS68 & ASTM F2656-07 specifications with zero penetration in both tests.

The barrier continued to operate after each impact test.

Combine it with all the benefits of Shallow foundation (340mm), easy and fast installation requiring only 3 cubic meters of concrete.

Specially designed linkage bars ensure the hydraulics remain protected in crash situations.

Unique design of safety skirt ensures easy removal for maintenance.

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Elli LW7 (surface-mount wedge barrier)

The ATG Access Elli LW7 road blocker is a strong and versatile security barrier.

This blocker can be deployed and operated quickly and effectively.

The LW7 is the largest barrier in the LW series. Designed to withstand very heavy traffic loads and also vehicle impact, it is engineered for 700kj.

This revolutionary security product has a 2980mm wide blade and when fully deployed stands up to 800 mm high.

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Elli LW3 (surface-mount wedge barrier)

The ATG Access Elli LW3 road blocker is a strong and versatile security barrier.

This blocker can be deployed and operated quickly and effectively.

The LW3 is a small, narrow barrier which enables the product to be an effective, unobtrusive barrier for walkways, small roadways and access doors or gates.

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